Beware of fake websites!

February 8, 2024

Dear Customer:

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are currently aware of the existence of fake websites that masquerade as websites operated by our company.
We have nothing to do with these fake websites.
If you use such fake websites, there is a possibility that your e-mail address, password, or personal information may be obtained illegally, that you may fall victim to unauthorized use of your credit card or unauthorized billing through cashless payment services, etc., or that your computer/device may be infected with a computer virus. Please be careful not to access these fake websites or enter your personal information.

■URLs of our official websites
Please be sure to check the URL displayed in your browser.
Nippon Express corporate website:
Nippon Express global website:

■Examples of fake websites that we have uncovered
The URL is missing one character, or a different string has been added before or after the company name.
Example URLs:



■If you have been victimized when accidentally using a fake website
If you have already made a payment or otherwise been victimized by a fake website, please collect all the relevant information you can – information about the website used, information about the transaction (including account information and bank transfer records), the content of e-mails and other correspondence with the offending party, etc. – and contact the nearest police station as soon as possible.

Contact our logistics experts for further information.

Our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have.


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