Global Supply Chain Process Management System (v-PROCESS)

Solution For When...

  • Delay happens in real time,
    that require communication.

  • Adequate tools that are not available
    for your business requirements.

  • E-mail is always full or stuck due to large size documents;


Supply Chain Status Control

Customer is free to choose Mile stone Points, from generating Purchase Orders, all the way through to Delivery.

*1 Document Sharing

Documents can easily be uploaded, with Drag and Drop and shared with concerned
parties, eliminating e-mail congestion, providing a free flow of communication.

*2 Vessel/Aircraft location information

Provides real time geographical tracking, with intended route.

*3 Auto alert sending

Automatically sends e-mails that appears on screen, alerting the user of change when
and where it occurred, on the schedule.

Supply Chain Supported by...

Lead Time Master

Scheduled dates can be calculated and applied by Lead Time Master

Supply Chain KPI Functions

Process and analyze data on v-PROCESS

Assign Browsing Restrictions to Supply Chain Partners

Set Browsing restrictions

EDI Linkage

Contains a variety of external interfaces

Variety of Search Keys

arch using management numbers assigned to each company

Tablet Enabled

Use a tablet for Supply Chain Process Inquiry

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